Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Documenting My Life | May

I can't believe May is just coming to an end. The past month was eventful it surely felt longer than it is. I started the month in London for my graduation also coinciding with my birthday. While I wasn't really feeling the excitement of being back in London and my graduation, it eventually sunk in on the 3rd of May. Getting ready for the graduation, seeing my family and friends felt really good. My birthday was special thanks to my sister. She arranged for the room to be filled with balloons with pictures hanging from them. Each picture had a comment on the back from her, cousins and friends. I still go back to look at the pictures. I'm very grateful for what she has done, for always being there. Grateful for the friends that have been supporting throughout. And my favourite purchase of the month has to be the camera I've been carrying around all the time. Taking pictures and videos, documenting what I can on the way.

May has also been the month honorary niece Noor graduated high school. I can't believe how time passes quickly. Her mom is like an older sister, she has attended every graduation and school function. Helped us with homework and told us stories. She has done a lot for us and being there on her daughter's graduation felt really good. Noor has a great future ahead of her. May was also the month Ghalib graduated KG, Kathy and Aatika graduated primary school. A month full of graduations.

It's day 5 of Ramadhan. I wasn't feeling spiritually ready for the month, a problem I have been facing since grandma passed away. This time, I decided to start a Quran journal to help me stay focused and give me a purpose to actually focus while reading. Everyday, I write a letter to Allah inspired by a verse from the Quran. It's making Ramadhan better.

And most importantly, May is a month where I feel I took a step forward. Sometimes you need to sit and face the situation. Assess what's going on and not avoid it. Confrontation is not easy but you have to deal with it and plan accordingly. The minute I start talking I question if it's a good idea, but it's only fair to do it, no matter how hard. Sit down calmly and face the confrontation. I have high hopes for June.

It's time for things to change to the better.