Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Documenting My Life | June

June was a reminder of how much I miss family gatherings. During Ramadhan, my family gathered every single day and it felt like my grandparents were smiling from up above. I live for the family rituals like the daily games of Uno and the excitement for the desserts table. For the birthday celebrations that coincide with the month and the cakes we get and ice cream outings. For all the conversations that majlis could hold with every tick of the clock. Ramadhan was a reminder of how much I appreciate my family despite all the things that happen.

It was also the month I tried new things like writing daily in Arabic and attempting to draw. It opened a new door to my creative side I never thought I had or attempted to show. It kept me busy and I hope I continue trying new things since I have a lot of free time.

I had to really work on grounding myself and not over react during June. I don't think I succeeded at all. I had high hopes for the month and for stepping forward but I constantly find myself taking one step forward and two steps backwards. Overreaction became a thing with every obstacle that stops me from taking a leap not just a step.

I guess the highlight of the month would be visiting a new country for Eid. Georgia has been ticked off the list. Spending 5 days in Tbilisi was more than enough and although it was really hot to enjoy we always find a way. Tbilisi's art cafes are an amazing concept and I can't wait to visit other art cafes around the world.