Friday, June 24, 2016

Dear 26

Dear 26,

I thought I’ve really realised and grasped the idea that time will never wait for me to get my s*** together. It won’t wait for me to settle and find time to start on the things I have dreamed to achieve. I try to remind myself about it whenever I remember, but still. I hope you’ve worked up our relationship with time, that we are now best friends and in good terms. That we have worked out the perfect schedule to do everything we want to.

I’m going to ask you my current favourite question: when was the last time you did something for the first time? And I really hope for the sake of both of us and our future selves that your answer is quite recent. I hope you won’t have to think for too long like I have been doing for the past few months. Yours truly at 23 did something for the first time on June 4th 2016. Exactly 20 days ago. I went to a concert and I’ve chosen the perfect show to go to, Coldplay. I’m glad there was someone around to push me to do it. To get out of my comfort zone of not wanting to do things alone. Going to this concert alone was exactly what I needed to remind myself how good it feels to do things for the first time.

For your own good, aim to try something new every single day. It might seem too much and very far fetched but you owe it to yourself to live this one life to the fullest. Find those closest to you and make sure to tell them your plan, for them to constantly remind and encourage you to work on it. And as you continue to try new things, make sure you constantly document them in whatever way you think is most suitable. Take pictures like your 16 year old self; take pictures of your food, the shops, the places around you, people you meet and people you find interesting, pictures of cobbled streets and sand dunes. Take pictures of the entire experience. Write like your 23 year old self; journal as much as you can, write letters to your future self, write letters to your friends and family, document your travels and encounters, make up stories about people in the mall or at the grocery store. Document your life with pictures and words, they will one day make the book of your life. Make sure you live a life worth reading about.

Stay true to yourself, do things that makes you happy and never stop learning. In 2 years time, when you read this I hope you make me proud.

Eagerly wishing for a life full of new experiences,