Thursday, June 30, 2016

Documenting My Life | June

June felt like a day at the theme park, you're glad the day is over because you're tired but sad that all the fun is over. June was a crazy rollercoaster, one of those that leaves you sick by the end of it but full of adrenaline. The type that leaves you disoriented yet alert. With it done, you feel like you can ride any crazy rollercoaster out there.

On the 1st of June, I went with Mariam and her family to watch Charlie and The Chocolate Factory musical one that I really wanted to watch for a long time now. I didn't like the songs and the acting much but the set was beautiful and as creative as Roald Dahl created it for us.

On the 4th I went to Manchester to attend the Coldplay concert, an experience I never had before. It was more than just listening to my favourite band singing live, it was the atmosphere, the people and the colours. And above all it was a test of courage to do things on my own, a reminder to experience things for the first time. I sang along to my favourite songs, watched as the people sang along and as Chris Martin appreciated the crowd. I stupidly threw away my ticket but I'd rather not remember that.

I presented my mid-project presentation on the 8th and I'm somehow satisfied with the way I presented but I thought I did better. I wouldn't have done as good without the help of the team, their support and giving me a chance to practice in front of them. They made sure I'm prepared well enough for it. I was confident enough to present without the aid of notes, with a good pace and without forgetting what to say. Now that it's out of the way, I find myself more relaxed and able to enjoy my time. I also finished my lab work and started working on my thesis, being able to fully focus on it a while before submission makes me less anxious.

I'm surrounded by great people and it makes me appreciate them even more. When days at the write up area seem longer than normal, they make it more bearable. Everyone is nice, making sure to ask how everyone is doing. Matt telling me about his hiking experience and Manisha asking how my fasting is going. Tina always making sure I'm well, Noeline leaving a piece of cake she baked for me to have after iftar and Silvia asking when I'm done with fasting so we can go back to having lunch together again. I'm surrounded by a lovely bunch.

I don't always get a chance to spend some quality time with my brothers and I really love when we randomly get the chance to sit together for a few hours discussing random topics. Mohammed came over for a weekend and we managed to talk about books and politics, family and studies. Messing around with snapchat filters and just enjoying our time. I really hope my siblings and I get the chance to travel all together this August.

Spending the weekend with a relative we once upon a time were really close with feels good. It feels weird at the same time that she has kids at the age when I was closest to them. We had iftar together, reminisced about the old days and spent time with the kids and the random things they come up with. I enjoyed my time more than I thought I would.

I got a thank you this month when I least expected it. It left a smile for a while and made me more aware to genuinely thank people when I get the chance to. Thank you!

June ended on a bad note and I'm still trying to recover from it. We rely on technology to preserve our memories forgetting that the only things that last are those that are physically existing. A few days ago, my memory failed me and I couldn't remember my phone's passcode. I ended up trying way too many times to the point where my phone got disabled. I had to restore my phone to factory settings and with it I lost letters I've written, memories I kept and pictures I thought I'll keep forever.

June is over now, it gave me memories and took some away but I still have time to make more memories. I still have time to better document my year in London and I think I have an idea.

July, bring it on.