Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Documenting My Life | February

To my surprise, February was a blur. If you asked me in January to describe what I think February will be in one word, I would have said "slow". I was dreading February so much, with exams lurking around the corner and my constant worried state of mind. February was a real blur, like being inside a speeding car; the only sounds you hear are the beating of your heart and the only focused thing you see is what's right in front of your eyes.

This month, the 4th floor of the central library was my second home. Spending more hours in it than my flat. The atmosphere just forces you to stay productive, stay focused and keep working. I managed to finish so much work with the amount of hours I've spent here and my awesome organisation skills with my study schedule. I managed to go through my material twice yet still don't feel like I learned anything. But as Einstein says "the more I learn, the more I realise how much I don't know".  I had my first exam on the last day of the month, the only reason I realised it's a leap year.

With all the hard work I've been putting towards my studying I thought I deserved a break and booked myself an appointment at a spa for a massage. I realised how badly knotted my shoulders because of all the heavy bags I carry and all the sitting with the wrong posture. But who has time to go to the spa regularly to get their shoulders fixed? Definitely not me.

February was yellow, we had a few sunny days where I soaked some much needed vitamin D. I had fun looking for yellow things during my day, from Cadbury's mini eggs to the view of my table at the library.

The most exciting thing I would say is deciding to write down a list of 25 by 25 and I hope I'll be able to tick off everything before May 2017. I love lists, it make me feel like my life is under control.

And February Marched in with all the strength we need,