Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dear 26

Dear 26,

I saw a glimpse of you the other day in the underground on my way to the university. Your bag between your feet and a book in your hand. You looked really into it. I'm glad I saw you with a book, it means that living life through people's eyes and mind is still something you enjoy. I wonder if you have travelled enough? If you visited all the places I planned for you to visit? And what's with the worried face? I was hoping by the time I reach you I would have forgotten what worry even means. I'm hoping the look I've seen on you is just there because of having that same expression for 4 years and nothing to do with your current state.

I am now in London as you may have guessed, working my way to the hopes and aspirations I've created for myself. I walk a lot here giving me a lot of time to think which I don't particularly enjoy all the time. But walking also gives me the chance to let my worries diffuse to the fresh air around me  in a very gradual way leading to a lighter self and a better chance for a smile. I find myself most anxious in a train, where the worries of so many people thicken the air making no room for my worries to diffuse out but a greater chance for the worries around me to diffuse in. So I keep myself busy with a book.

Yours truly,
Little Miss Worry