Sunday, September 13, 2015

On Friendship

I have 371 friends on Facebook but if I’m in trouble tomorrow will they all be there for me? No. However, I do know exactly who will be there because they’ve been there before and are still around. Occasionally you’ll have the friends who would surprise you when you’re in deepest need of help or support, those have a special place in my heart. 

To my friends, thank you for the memories we keep creating and for the smiles and laughs. Thank you for the occasional insights on life and its beauty. Thank you for sharing your experiences for they give me a glimpse on a life I’m not living but might consider to try.

But to my best friends, here is a post to you even though you won’t be reading this. For although we are best friends, I might not have mentioned this blog to you or maybe I did but a long time ago.

Omaima, my sister, it’s only right to start with a best friend I’ve known literally my whole life. Our relationship freaks people out for we’re too attached for our own good, but being the way we are was never a problem. Omaima and I don’t only share blood but we also share shoes, clothes, bags, accessories, taste in music, food and most importantly inside jokes. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a lot of things but you get it. My longest living best friend shared with me a lot of memories and while it might not be fair for the rest of my best friends, she got lucky being a sister. She gives encrypted advice that you appreciate in the middle of the night, she shows appreciation in the form of weird gestures like bum shakes. She awakens my hibernating rebel in a healthy way. In her honour, I’ll stop at this for she doesn’t like cheesy talks.

Fatma; friends since 9 year of age, best friends since 12 and a long life ahead. Before Fatoom, I changed best friends like I change my clothes, 3 times a day. I didn’t understand what a best friend meant but since Omaima had one I of course had to have one too. And the hunt began. I can’t remember how we became best friends, what life had planned for us when we were young and naive. I do know though that this best friend stuck with me even when I changed schools. I still remember calling her from my new school right after last lesson at 2:45 pm, it was the time she goes back home from the old school. We’d update each other with the day’s event and plan an outing once in a while. Life was good to us, for we later went to university away from home in the same city. Fatoom is the motherly best friend, the one full of suggestions and guidance when you’re in deepest need of them. She’s the one that constantly reminded me to get some sleep, eat, and study. She’d cook my favourite meals, go shopping with me and all the girly things best friends do on TV. She’s the typical best friend in an untypical way, if that will ever make sense.

I’ve been friends with Dana since 13, we were virtual friends and 3 years later ended up going to the same school. I still don’t remember what made me stop talking to her in the 3 years that passed until the new school, but I guess if my mind doesn’t remember it then it doesn’t really matter. I really can’t remember how we became friends again but by the end of high school and start of university I’ve found Dana as a shoulder to lean on and eventually joined the best friend circle. I’ll forever be grateful to her standing by my side on a really hard day while in the UK when my dad had his accident. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be around. Dana is my realistic friend, that reminds me to stay hopeful and have strong faith. She doesn’t say much but whatever she says usually sticks in my mind. Dana has recently been of tremendous help with a chaotic year and for that I’m in debt to her constant support.

And finally Mariam, my bear hugging friend. My sushi partner and my marshmallow covered in chocolate best friend (hard from the outside squishy from the inside). This is my culturally aware, knowledgable best friend that always adds a new piece of info to my life. It’s worth mentioning that we constantly ask ourselves how we became best friends when we’re worlds apart when comes to thoughts about certain topics but I guess opposites attract. Mariam was also around when I got the news of dad’s accident. The mix of Mariam’s positivity and Dana’s realistic thoughts were exactly what I needed. When I need a hug Mariam is the first person I’d think of knowing the right exact words to say in the most perfect tone. I need her around for she’s a constant reminder that knowledge is the most beautiful thing a person can be.

I have acquaintances, friends and best friends. I appreciate their existence for they once were part of a memory. I try not to take memories for granted for I’ve learned they make me who I am. Today, I spent my day between friends and best friends, and I must say I realise how lucky I am to have them all around, for sticking around even though I’m not the best out there at keeping in touch.