Saturday, July 11, 2015

Dear 26

Dear 26,

It suddenly felt like someone put a glass bowl over my head, I zoned out and I could feel my pulse behind my ears, in my lips and in my wrists. It felt like my heart was beating write up in my head rather than my chest. 

I started reading the e-mail 

We have now made a decision on your application for Human Molecular Genetics (MSc 1YFT)

My breathing quickened. 

Everything blurred around me, I could hear my heart beating even louder.

Please login Student e-Service  to view the decision

I made sure I don't bring my hopes up. 
Keep in mind my low expectations.
Stay calm. 
Not shatter if it was a rejection.
Remember what I thought all along, I applied just for the sake of it.

Conditional offer

It took me a few seconds to register what I read.
Surreal. Just surreal.
I read the conditions: send the original transcripts & pay the deposit
The place felt like its spinning

I ran to my sister.
Switched the lights on.
Told her about it.
We did a hand dance and waist shake. We don't hug.

Conditional offer accepted

I cried.
I prayed.
Allah never disappoints

I told my dad.
He's proud
I told my mom.
I think one of her wishes came true.

I sent everything they asked for and paid the deposit.

Unconditional offer accepted

26, thanks for the surprise you left in my inbox on the 25th of June 2015. I didn't see that coming, you caught me off guard. 2 weeks later I think its time, I had to tell you how it felt before I forget so that in 3 years time you'd be able to recall how it was.

I'm going to Imperial College London!

Yours truly,
Maria at 23 (aka Imperial as Omaima likes to call me)