Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fight Club

I'm trying to convince myself that not everything has to happen right now, but I have no patience and a pretty short temper. So you'll find me most often in a fight with life.
If you haven't already, you will. I advise you to fight back, only life is much stronger no matter how tough you think you are. Life will leave you with scratches on your face and while you sit in a corner trying to heal, it will throw lemons at you. Your scratches will sting and burn like hell. You'd think you'll have time to make lemonade or whatever that quote says, you won't. The only thing you would do is hide your face and while you do that you'll miss on the beauty of life some people talk about.
So screw it, fight that battle you know you'll lose. Pick up a jar of Nutella and a couple of Kinder bars for moral support, and fight!