Monday, September 15, 2014

Oh, iron!

I admit I'm not one with a balanced diet, I tend to skip meals and I'm definitely underweight. I don't do it because I think it's cool or anything, it just happens that I get full quickly. I came up with what I think is a logical explanation for getting full quickly, I don't chew my food enough. Life is too short to chew each bite an average of 14 times. I chew each bite 3 times and just swallow everything in my mouth, which comes to the reason why I hate eating beef, goat or lamb meat. This in turn brings us to the point of this post, my iron deficiency.

A couple of weeks ago I went to one of the health centres to get a premarital test done. Being the responsible genetics graduate, I find it really important to do a premarital test and keep the results with you even if you're not planning to get married anytime soon. I went back for my results and the premarital test came back negative alhamdulillah but they pointed out that my haemoglobin level is low at 10.8. They gave me some iron pills to take for 2 months and asked me to see a nutritionist. The nutritionist suggested some iron-rich food to eat and asked me not to have caffeine as that effects iron absorption. Now here is the problem, my diet has so little iron in it and so much caffeine in comparison. I have a chicken leg during lunch and I sometimes don't finish it. I try to have salad but I'm sure the amount I eat is not enough.

The whole results thing required a change in my diet. Its been more than a week since I had coffee and my dad got me a juicer instead. I'm trying to fit in more animal iron in my diet and more vegetables It's going well so far until I started having green tea because I missed having a hot drink in the morning, all is good will replace it with peppermint tea.

I'm not sure how this will end but I'm liking this change so far. It's always fun to take iron pills my hair looks and feels so much healthier when I take them :P