Monday, September 22, 2014

If I Was A Watch Part

If people were watch parts we'll have 4 different types of people. We will have the battery, the second arm, the minute arm and the hour arm.

The Battery:

The people that want to make sure things work out. They try their best to make everyone else work (the second, minute and hour arms). If they decide to stop working, everything else stops. They're important, they're determined, they know what they have to do. They lead and everything else follows.

The Second Arm:

If you were in a working environment think of those as the managers. They do their share of leading, they want to make a change and they help in making the change. They move quickly and make sure the rest do the same. Seconds don't wait for other people, they run, they run fast and by running they make the rest move whether they like it or not. Only problem is, the second arm can't move without the battery working.

The Minute Arm:

Those are the people that do their job because they have to. They move because they have to move because sometimes that's the only thing they can do. Their movement is needed by the battery and the second arm to make sure everything works out the way it should. Only problem is, the minute arm can't move without the battery and the second arm working.

The Hour Arm:

People that don't move unless everything else moves. It's part of the bigger picture. It's the person that we all get annoyed of because he/she does nothing useful most of the time but once in every 60 minutes it moves and when it moves it's a big change. The hour arm is VERY dependent on the battery, second arm and minute arm.

When I thought of writing this post I had in mind that I was a battery, but after writing out what each part is I realised I'm not a battery but I wish I was. I'm more of the second arm, I can do everything like the battery does and maybe better but I need the battery. That's my only problem. I am currently in a situation that I ask for help from a minute arm in my life to ask the battery to work as best as it could. While all this is happening, I'm running, wanting to make sure everything is moving. I'm depending on the minute arm and the battery and I hate depending on other parts, I'd rather other parts depend on me. I want everything to move because I'm waiting for the hour arm to move and it can't move if everyone else is slacking. I'm waiting for the 60 minutes to pass so that for once everything moves.

If you were a watch part, what would you be?