Friday, September 05, 2014

Just Sad

Let me tell you how it looks before I tell you how it feels, it’s a sticky and gooey and is usually sleeping, it looks something like flubber that movie Robin Wiliams acted in. Now let me tell you how it feels. It usually resides inside all of us; in my case it lives a bit bellow my belly and it always starts there. It starts with news you hope you never receive, and it feels like someone punches you right where flubber lives and it wakes it up. It shoots up and sticks to your stomach. It’s sticky, so you could imagine what it might do there. You lose your appetite and you could feel the space inside your stomach shrinking. Flubber eventually gets bored of the stomach after sucking the air out of it and so it slides up your esophagus and the more it slides up the tighter it gets. You slowly feel less air entering your body until it reaches the larynx and it stays there, stuck. It won’t go away anytime soon. You can breathe, but you can’t breathe well. You can eat but not enough. You can do everything just not well enough.

I’ll just cry it off today.