Thursday, February 13, 2014

Or So I Would Like To Believe

Sometimes a random gift can be a good sign

I've been in this coffee shop for the past hour. I added sugar to my coffee before tasting it and now I regret it, I regret a lot of things. I've finished a chapter of Finding Your Element by Ken Robinson and I am ready to write now,

I won't say this book, so far, helped with anything but I'd like to think that I haven't wasted £8.99 on nothing. So for the sake of positive thinking, so far the book has helped in assuring me that writing is my thing and that the reason I'm not good in math and chemistry is because I haven't been taught the subjects in my learning style.

I live in a perfectly round bubble, it has a pretty hologram everytime the sun hits it. Let's be honest, the sun doesn't shine much here, so when there is no sun the spotlights in my flat will do the job. In this bubble I live in, I'm a good writer. Not a book in me kind of writer but just good at writing to express myself. I really believe I'm good at it that I sometimes dream about it.

I first realised it was something I liked when I was in grade 7. They asked us to write about our role model and I wrote about dad. I can't stop talking about him, do I?
I no longer have what I wrote but I remember I went so creative in it, not revealing it was him until the end. I had to present it in a public speech assessment and I almost made myself cry that day :p

Sometime during IB, my english teacher gave me just the right push and I wrote and analysed like a pro (or so I would like to believe). After our mock exams he used the paper I wrote as an example of a "good paper". I had a goofy smile on because just a few lessons before that I was told I failed my chemistry mock exam. I hate chemistry and the teacher made sure to tell me I was bad at it. I decided not to put any effort in his class after that.

It seems like the universe is trying to push me towards writing. My sister, who rarely shoots a compliment, said I had writing in me. A friend, Salima, who uses words in the most magical way said I had it in me and she recently sent me the notebook all the way from the US. I went into Waterstones and got a 365 exercise book for creative writing and I didn't pay a penny, thanks to my loyalty cards ;). And a blog I recently started following, Sometimes Sweet, will be having a Journal Day series where she posts a topic every week on her Facebook page, more details in this post.

Thank you for the signs Universe.