Sunday, February 16, 2014

My February Mood board

Here is a thing about me that you don't know, I love going to galleries but I'm not the type that spends time admiring a piece of art and trying to interpret it. Mentioning that, I've recently realised that I spend time admiring mood boards like I never do with art pieces. I just think mood boards help you use your 5 senses and your 6th if you have one.

I've been trying to think of new ways to express how I'm feeling and decided to just create a mood board and see how it goes from there.

Palm Trees | Pink Lemonade | Summer Makeup | Vintage Car |
Maxi Dress | Gelato | Coffee | Reading

What I hate the most about the UK is the weather. I've been here for 4 years and I still can't get used to it, I don't think you ever get used to it. I spend most of my time outdoors and when I'm out I forget to really breathe, smell the air and fill up my lungs with fresh oxygen. I walk as fast as I can to reach an indoor place and forgetting that I spend most of my day indoors. The weather has been messing around with my brain, I'm indoors as usual but the sun is blinding me but its 6 degrees outside.

My brain is in summer mode. I've recently applied for a master's degree to start this fall. It took me a while to submit the application because I'm scared I'll get rejected. Before submitting my application I secretly hoped I'll get rejected so I can give myself a gap year and apply for 2015 to study in California. California seems like a really good idea because the weather is something I could live with and the palm trees remind me of Oman.

I want to host an outdoor gathering, serve ice cream, lemonade, coffee and tea. Wear a summery dress and put on soft make up. Talk, laugh and enjoy my time. I really want to.

I want to find the perfect sofa or chair for my room along with a nice bookshelf. A reading nook to sit and read with the perfect cup of coffee. Reading takes me to all the places I still didn't get the time to visit. Allows me to experience some new feelings and helps me learn a thing or two.

I like mood boards.