Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Mornings

My current read

So here is how it goes. I toss and turn until there is no comfy spot left in my bed. I grab my phone from the side table to check the time, if it’s too early for my liking then I’ll MAKE a comfy spot and sleep till I over sleep (which is the case most of the times). After oversleeping, I waste another 15 minutes on bed going through every social media app I’m part of. It’s usually around 12:30 pm by then.

I’ve recently gone back to those vibrating toothbrushes. I’m convinced that it’s the second best thing after coffee to wake your half asleep brain. I’ve once read that keeping your roller eye serum in the fridge makes it work better because of the cooling effect, so that’s what I did. I use that serum once in a blue moon because 6/7 days a week I forget about it.

Then it’s time to make coffee. The sink is usually filled with dishes that have been there for 3 days or more but I’m thankful for my mug obsession because that just means I’m never out of clean mugs! I fill the mug with water and pour it into a kettle trying really hard not to spill a drop; I don’t spill a drop... I spill DROPS. While the water and kettle do their business I bring out the milk and a sachet of oats, pour the milk and pop into the microwave for 2.5 minutes. I wash those dishes till my oats are ready. I open one of the top cabinets, find myself the instant cappuccino box and get a sachet, pour the boiling water add the cappuccino mix and there goes the worst cup of coffee. I don’t complain, I just drink.

Now I can begin my half wasted day, I'm not proud!
What about your mornings?