Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014's Creativity Wishlist

Earlier this year I chose the word "creativity" to base my resolutions around. I mentioned how a field in science could suck out of you every inch of creativity because I don't feel there is much creativity out there in that field anyways. So here is my plan and I limited it to 3 in my wishlist because let's face it the more things I have the less I would create.

1. My first plan is to cook/bake more of all those pretty food I pin on Pinterest. I don't really need a KitchenAid to bake any stand mixer will do the job but just let us admire the beauty of this pastel blue (they call it ice blue) mixer, oh the beauty! If I ever decide to get a KitchenAid then I'll wait until I'm back  in Oman. There is no point of buying a mixer that costs 400 something pounds when I have only 6 months to spend in the UK before I graduate. I have enough clutter to pack

2. I have always admired pretty writings you see around instagram, blogs, tumblr and Pinterest. As much as I wish I was good at drawing and creating pretty illustrations, I'm not even close. I feel like mastering calligraphy or at least being good at it won't be that hard. I'll make sure not to only focus on English calligraphy but also Arabic calligraphy. The beauty of Arabic letters can never be ignored.

3. Finally sewing! I've always wanted to learn sewing, there is something nice about it. I've tried to once back in school but I hated how the class was big that mixed beginners and advanced students all together. I felt like I would never learn anything and so I quit. Seeing the work of an Omani blogger The Sewist from the blog Sew Chic and Unique inspired me to get going with this. Mayya makes beautiful things and her craft room is to die for. She'll be moving to a new place and I can't wait to see how her new craft/sewing room would look like. Again, I'd most likely create things from Pinterest.

I have my last exam tomorrow and I can't wait to be done and at least creating something. Anything!
How are your resolutions going?