Saturday, September 08, 2012

Rules of Visiting

There is nothing more annoying to me than unexpected guests. If you decide to visit someone, you want to be welcomed with open hands and not be a burden. I really don't get older people who assume its a bad thing to call and let people know they're coming over. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way. If you are one of them or know someone like that please read this and explain it to them.

So next time you decide to visit someone stop for a few minutes and think about these things..

Is it an appropriate time to make a call:

When I was a bit younger my dad told me a rule of thumb when comes to calling someone. Never call someone between 10 pm and 9 am unless its an emergency. Never call between 1 and 4 pm because its usually the time people have lunch and their afternoon nap.  Never call someone after 10 pm because its usually when people sleep. So when you decide to visit someone make sure you call in advance not during these times (unless you're invited or something).

Don't make yourself literally at home:

The 2nd floor and bedrooms are non of your business, even if you're told to go, have some decency and refuse politely just incase you end up disturbing someone. Also if you have any kids or younger siblings make sure they don't go running around the house, entering rooms and disturbing people. Make sure they don't jump around couches or play with fragile things. If you know they are the type that can't be well behaved save us all the headache and just don't bring them with you!

Ring the bell no more than 3 times:

In the case that you decide to visit someone without calling, ring the bell no more than 3 times. If no one opens the door just leave don't keep ringing the bell like its the first time you see a button infront of you. Sometimes people just don't want to have guests over.

Don't question where you end up being seated:

I remember in Ramadhan a few years ago my mom invited the family over for iftar, we're talking 50 to 100 people. To make sure there is enough space for everyone we decided to let people sit in a hall we have built specifically for parties/gatherings that is not connected to the main house since the living room in the house fits a maximum of 20 people. So while welcoming people and escorting them to the hall one of the extended family members rudely asked me why we're not staying inside the house and she said "is it because you think we're going to make a mess and make the place dirty? We are not kids". Excuse me woman, just go sit where you're asked to (no I didn't tell her that I just said that in my head).

I think thats enough ranting for this weekend. What do you think?