Saturday, October 13, 2012

O for "Once Upon a Time"

Meh, this is taking way too long to finish. Laziness and being out of creative ideas doesn't really help.

A week before I started the semester my sister and I along with a friend decided to take a short trip to Edinburgh.  I haven't been up there before and I really loved it. It felt like walking through a history book with every wall having a story to tell. I have a thing for history and it could be because I have a father that's interested in it. Growing up we would go to museums, forts, castles and historical sites and I personally used to hate going until he got me my first camera, everything seemed more interesting after it.

This photo has been taken in Edinburgh, by the famous Edinburgh Castle. My sister was walking by the wall and kept tracing her hands through it. She's a sucker for history and pays attention to architectural details (she is an architect after all), reminds me a lot of my father.

I'm planning to go to York with my sister this coming weekend and I'm really excited about it. More history to know about :)

What's your favourite historical building/site?