Saturday, August 25, 2012

Nostalgia: Sweet Tooth

Those who know me know how much I love my sugar. A day can't pass by without having sugar into my system, enough sugar to make me happy that is. The thing is its not just the sugar that makes me happy its any sort of junk you can bring forward (chips, ice cream, gum, cotton candy you name it I consume it). So this might not be called Sweet Tooth but something else but I like it named that way so I think I'll just leave it that way :p

As a kid, most if not all my money went on candy. I don't think I ever bothered buying toys since I annually got toys at least 3 times from a cousin that used to live in our house (he used to buy us gifts on our birthdays and when he travels). Every house I lived in as a kid has some kind of small grocery shop somewhere beside it, we even used to name them. The one beside our house in Shatti Al Qurm was called (baqalit elsa3i) and the one beside our Ghubra house was called (baqalit elmasjid < oh so creative). The houses we lived in after that we were a bit older and we started eating stuff older people had.

Some of the junky stuff I'll be showing are not easily found (or I don't know how to look) as they used to be when I was younger. So you could imagine how excited my sister and I were when we found a shop in Matrah that sells it.

This is basically water, sugar and food colouring but for some reason it tastes so damn good. We have this usually frozen and have it like a popsicle without a stick (we call it saqqayah).  My favourite was always the red one (I'm guessing strawberry flavour) but to tell you the truth I really don't know if there is much difference in the taste. Its always fun to steal someone's frozen saqqayah it tastes much better than the one you have :p

This is some sort of cheap gum. For fun we used to try and eat them all at once. My sister though used to keep hers for a good day but the good day never comes because we always manage to steal her stuff. Its not our problem if she thinks the top shelf of a cupboard is a good hiding place.

This has got to be my favourite lollipop. These come in 2 colours (blue and pink) and they both stain your tongue so badly. My father always gets mad when we get these and keeps telling us about how bad artificial colours are to our health. I really couldn't care less and I'd kill for one of those lollipops anytime <3 p="p">

Those are some cheap alternative to Smarties and m&ms. A relative used to give us one of these whenever we went to visit her in our hometown in Bahla and we used to tire rubber bands on the holes on the side and pretend its a mask. Good days

And another bubble gum. I have always loved the colours on the wrapper cute and colourful. I remember chewing one of these and somehow it ended up sticking in my hair (this happened a lot, gum sticking in my hair). I tried snipping my hair off where the gum was stuck but I couldn't do it. I had to go to my aunt and ask her to remove it xD

We always had a hard time opening these tubes of chocolate and the easiest way was to bite the top of it. We'd make a hole with our teeth and squeeze the chocolate out of it. This also used to come in a tube with a mix of white and milk chocolate. Yumm

This is some kind of chicken flavoured chips that comes in 2 rods. We always found the name (Caca) so damn funny and we always asked someone to tell us what its called and just laugh. So childish

There are many more junk food I could think off but I sadly don't have pics of them
Do you have a sweet tooth? What was your favourite junk as a child?