Thursday, August 09, 2012

Nostalgia: Baby Rose Jeans

Whenever I'm on Tumblr looking at the endless pictures some effortless and some way too professional I happen to stumble upon pictures that remind me of my childhood. Little things that remind me of certain situations or the way we just lived our days. I'll be posting a series of posts and you never know we might have had something in common..

Source: Charlie Max
Source: Amazon

A perfume I really remember I have used for a long time during my childhood was the Baby Rose Jeans perfume by Versace. I'm a 90's child born in 1992 and this perfume was a HUGE hit from its launch in 1995 and onwards. It was the perfume I used between KG1 (around the age of 4) and till about grade 2 (around the age of 7).

The perfume is a floral fragrance and includes sandalwood, mandarin orange, violet, freesia, vanilla, hiacynth, neroli and lily-of-the-valley.

My uncle used to have a perfume store in Saudi and had all the perfumes stored in one of the rooms in my grandfather's house before it opened. My sister and I helped ourselves and picked out the Baby Rose and my 2 brothers helped themselves to a Baby Blue Jeans. All of this was done without the permission of my uncle and he just had to live with the fact that we stole a few of his stored perfumes.

Sometime around Christmas 2010, I found a bottle of the Red Jeans perfume at Debenhams and it was on sale for just £15!! I had to get myself one and I've been using it oh-so-very infrequently in hopes of it not finishing. The bottle just makes me happy.

Which perfume have you used as a child?