Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Urge To Spend

After receiving my bank statement for the months of December to March and after realising I spent more than 5000 pounds in 3 months (oops) I decided I should go on a spending probation. So I stopped myself from shopping for almost 2 months and the only money spent was on food and grocery. Its been working out for me until today when I just HAD to go buy anything. See the problem with these urges to spend is that they are quiet tricky, you know you don't need anything yet you force yourself to find something you want. I actually went through the process of convincing myself that I need the things when in reality it was better if I spent time on my uncomfortable couch watching Grey's Anatomy.

Temperature today reached 27 degrees, so damn hot it BURNS! But all that goes away when a breeze of fresh air blows your way. Sat on one of the benches in the city centre and watched people walk in and out of stores, people singing and all that while drinking a mixed slush <3

I still have one exam to go, statistics. I never really understood how to study for it, if you do know any useful or unuseful way to help me study feel free to spam my blog :D

Till then,
Au revoir!