Thursday, September 22, 2011

7 facts

This took me forever to start.. Saudi Girl has tagged me to write 7 facts about myself. Here is my super duper late attempt

1) I was one of those kids that used to enjoy going to hospitals. I would actually try my best to end up sick in a way that mom has to take me to the hospital. You might be surprised but I used to like going there for two reasons: a) they used to sell my favorite chips there (Chips Mazoon), I recently found out that they used to sell that chips EVERYWHERE except the little shop next to our house. b) they had the most amazing playing area in the hospital. Yes so chips mazoon + the playing area = not so hospital-ish B-)

2) I broke my toe when I was 9 while playing on the swings at my cousins' place. It took my mom a week to realize my toe is broken. My leg was casted up to my knees and it didn't stop me from playing football and running around. That of course worsened my broken toe but who cares, life is too short :p

3) I recently decided that I absolutely HATE cupcakes. I admit they look really good but the taste is just.. blekh. I prefer macaroons. Yummy, cute, colorful macaroons :D

4) I have such a limited vocabulary for a 19 year old. Why should I make my life harder and try to sound smart with super long words. I'm just going to make my life and others much easier with my easy (and understandable by all ages) vocabulary.

5) My worst fear is failing. I did IB and went through a foundation year after it for not meeting the university requirement hence I failed (in my head I failed in real life I didn't). I'm so bothered, I can't stop complaining about it.

6) The only thing I'm good at is complaining about how I'm not good at anything. Seriously, sad life!

7) I'm selfish. I love myself. I would put myself in front of everything else. I'm the most important person in my life and I always come first!

P.S: I tag whoever is bored and has nothing to do