Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Induction Week: Day 1 (19/9/2011)

One word to describe the day: Depressing!

Definition of depressing according to my MacBook's dictionary: Depress [verb]: make someone (i.e. Me, Maria) feel utterly dispirited or dejected!

Yes, it was that bad. I sat there like a sore thumb being the only arab & muslim. I'm seriously not trying to be racist but they were all white! Just to let you know, I have realized that I suck at making friends and I'm not social after all (like people used to tell me back home). Just because my sister is not someone that likes to socialize doesn't make me a social person because I go out with mom -.-

Oh how much I hoped there was at least one other arab in my course or a muslim at least :\

I'll stop complaining and get ready for today's 'Getting to know' event. According to the paper: "a social event and a chance to meet other students on your course."Yeah, let's hope today is better than yesterday or you'll have to help me choose a word to better describe my day other than "depressing".