Saturday, June 25, 2011

The A-Z Project

I'm back in Oman for the summer holiday. I'm free for the coming 3 months and have been thinking of things I should do instead of the usual eating and sleeping. So I thought of finally making proper use of my camera and do this A-Z project. Basically, choose a word for each letter and snap a shot of something related to it. I started today with the letter A I just have to edit it a bit due to the weird lighting in our house and my useless photography skills lol. Lets hope I improve by the end of this "project".

Oh and I've been literally addicted to Tumblr. It started back when I was in Leeds and surprisingly I didn't get over it yet. What's boring though is that I just re-blog things rather than posting my own shots BUT I'm actually enjoying it xD
If you're free and have nothing to do you could check it out: 

Bye for now
Maria x