Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mom & My Mobile Phones

Let me tell you my life with mama after 2005. Just encase you’re wondering, 2005 is an important year because it’s the year I got my first mobile phone…

So after buying my brand new recently in stores mobile phone and skipping what could have been the best Eid (in my whole life) ever to go to dubai. And after a 5 hour ride back home from Dubai hugging the box with my mobile phone in it.. We reached our beloved house in Shati Al Qurm (mentioning where we used to live is somehow an important part of the story… In a way). Straight away, I was given a sim card and was asked to charge my phone for a whole day *roll eyes* along with my sim card I was given a list of rules from mom:

Rule #1: your phone does NOT leave the house when you go to school
Rule #2: you have to switch off your phone after 9 pm (thats when she sleeps so basically switch it off before she sleeps)
Rule #3: you get 5 rials credit each month ONLY. You finish it, your problem! You don’t, good for you!
Rule #4: you do not dare annoy your siblings that you got the latest mobile while they had to get the most hideous ones to start with
Rule #5: you talk a maximum of 2 minutes on the phone and it should only be related to schoolwork (just to let you know, conversations with mom last for 30 seconds max xD)

Of course the first month I go by the rules and listen to everything mom says. Second month, it’s 9 pm and my phone is still not switched off. Mom seems angry but decides to let it go this time, waits till I switch it off and then goes to sleep. The next months my phone was confiscated by my own mother for either not switching it off or talking way too long on the phone (way too long is 3 minutes)

And then 2007 came and we moved to Al Khoudh (again important to mention the place). The rules are still there but broken every single damn day ‘cause rules are meant to be broken :D Anyways, moving to Al Khoudh means it takes us 45 minutes to get to school while it took us only 5 minutes before. So apparently “rule #1” changed without being informed. And the second day of school I forgot my mobile at home. Mom flips, turns into the Hulk, and shouts at me for not taking my phone to school -.- Like my  sister usually says, I tend to talk in the wrong time and place and the cherry on top is saying the wrong thing. Of course I didn’t just leave mom and say I’ll never do it again instead I decided to act smart and reply back reminding her of the rules she set back in 2005 (just incase you’re wondering, I got hit with a slipper that day). After that day I was allowed to take my phone to school but the 9 pm rule is still there and still broken.

From 2005 till 2011 I went through 5 phones:

2005: Sony Ericsson w800i (something went wrong with sounds still works though and use it sometimes)
2008: Sony Ericsson w960i (touch screen cracked)
May 2010: Android Huawei u8220 (gift from dad, hated the touch screen)
June 2010: Blackberry Curve 8520 (graduation gift from my cousins. Murdered during Christmas break by over charging it after it had a little swim)
February 2011: Blackberry Bold 9780 (still alive)

My first 2 phones

So ever since June 2010, dad agreed to take me to get a Blackberry service for my phone. With that being done, my phone bills were higher than usual which made my mom flip and turn into the hulk the day we decided to go to Dubai for a few days asking why I need internet on my phone anyways. During that time, it happened to be the time where I was applying for universities and used to get my replies and the things I need to do and all that. Of course mom was WAY more worried and cared more about my university admissions than me. I was convinced I’ll end up working in McDonald’s or something like that. So smart me, I told mom that during our stay in Dubai she will NOT talk to me about universities or ask me about university admissions and if they replied, or anything of that sort, for 4 entire days until we are back in Oman (‘cause that’s what I was going to do if I didn’t have access the internet). I also told her that if universities do reply I won’t let her know and I’ll only tell dad. After that I proved my point and she never argued about my blackberry service in front of me ever since (WIN!)

And that’s a story to tell my kids later on :p

God bless mommy!