Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Appreciate Maria's Existence Day

Yesterday (3rd of May) was my 19th birthday. Since I'm not that good with words I thought of just describing my day and what I'm planing in 19 points and here it goes :D

  1. Received messages from family and friends at 12 am Oman's time and then another batch of birthday wishes at 12 am UK timing. Oh and not to forget the gazillion facebook birthday wishes :D
  2. Facial at Lush Spa at 10 am. The staff gave me a Lush goodie box, how thoughtful <3
  3. Went to Louis Vuitton and bought the bag I've been eyeing for a while now *-*
  4. Had lunch with my best friend at Nandos 
  5. Went to university for my English mock exam
  6. Dad gave me a call showing me he appreciates my existence
  7. Went to eat cake with my friends from university. Had a good laugh :D
  8. Went back to my flat to wear my red killer 6 inch heels and freshen up
  9. Went to watch Beastly with my best friend. Such a cute movie
  10. A mini photoshoot but not a lot of pictures. Shame :(
  11. Had dinner at Mcdonald's after the movie
  12. I didn't blow candles, which I believe is the most important thing in a birthday
  13. Realized something my sister said a few months ago: I do things for people in hopes of them doing the same for me. Really disappointed but "the gift is what you get by giving more than you receive"
  14. I must say, now that I'm 19 my sense of fashion DEFINITELY changed from what it was 2 years ago
  15. Plans for my 19th year? Drive faster than 60 kmph :$
  16. Travel somewhere next spring and not go back to Oman
  17. Start the project I'm thinking of
  18. Grow my nails (EPIC!!!)
  19. Be a better person: smarter, wiser, more confident and a better person 

I will Leave you with the few pics I have from yesterday:


What I got myself

Lush's Staff's Gift

The only cake I had and without candles

Have an amazing May all of you x