Sunday, August 01, 2010


I mentioned in previous posts that I went to a school for 12 years and then decided to move to another school in the last 2 years seeking better education. I believe I learnt a lot of things in the new school and I also tried things out I never imagined I'll be allowed to try. Going to a mixed school after being in a gender segregated school showed me how fun classes can be with guys around. I'll stop talking about the good side about moving because its not the point of my post.

Well, since I've been in my previous school for 12 years it means that I've seen the same people all the time with new comers and old ones leaving. During these 12 years I've made friends that I was REALLY close with. I thought I'll never need other friends when I move because I have my friends and I'm not planning to replace them. However, after I moved it was hard to communicate with them since school work was very demanding. I would spend hours doing school work and I only talk to people from my class as we discuss homework and such topics. Then the problem starts, I didn't really like the people in the new school. I would stick to a few people and wouldn't open up for others. Now and after I graduated I see the problem. I am not as close as I used to be with my old friends and I am not that close with the new friends since I don't know them well. Ooops?