Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wannabe Fashionista

Ever since I finished school back in May, I've been having so much free time that I started an obsession with fashion. I would check fashion blogs from all around the world and see whats up with girls and their fashion addiction, I found it interesting. I also have been logging in Omanternity  a lot and their lifestyle section is something a newbie could wish for.

So out of my perfect bubble of colors rainbows and glitter, fairy tales and the Disney la la land I live in I started making my way through fashion. I now visit the make up stores without my sister by my side and find my way to the clothes that I find on sites and try them on to see if they suit me. Yes, I'm starting to get it :P

Well, I'm not one of these girls who are best friends with their moms and their moms are into fashion. Mama, is all traditional hates carrying handbags and goes for anything comfortable. So yeah I didn't grow up in the fashion atmosphere. My sister on the other hand is the one that tries to follow the latest fashion yet sticks to her own style, I love that about her. There is always her touch in what she wears!

Hunting through moms wardrobe, my sister and I found a leather speedy bag that we really loved. It has a floral print and I think it will go with a lot of things in my wardrobe. We were surprised that she has something like that knowing that fashion in not anything near what she cares about. Apparently it was a gift from dad (way to go dad ;) ) a LONG time ago. Fashion is coming back. Keep anything vintage it'll find its way to your perfect looks!!