Monday, June 07, 2010

Graduated x[1/6/2010]x

Its about time to update this place on my graduation.

Something I've been waiting for since a REALLY long time finally came. I graduated on the 1st of June from high school. Such a good experience at the moment but now, and after 6 days, it doesn't feel like I graduated. It still didn't sink in. El Hamdulillah I graduated with honors and I'm happy about it although I was aiming for high honors.

My school has golden robes that has been a tradition used every year for the past 10 years I guess. I didn't really like it especially that we didn't get to wear graduation caps. In my old school, the graduating class had the chance to choose the color of their graduation robes which made it hard for me to accept the gold robe : /

Anyways, after calling out our names, we sang the school song and left the hall with HUGE smiles on our faces. We spent time with our families taking pictures. I got a bouquet of red roses from my sister (my absolute favorite) with a helium balloon that had Congratz written on it and a graduation cap :D She got me a graduation cap because I wanted one soooo badly, how nice of her <3 My cousins got me a blackberry and a huuuge bouquet of pink and white roses. So thoughtful <3 I still didn't get a graduation gift from my parents though xD

We then left for our graduation dinner at Shangri La in limos. It was the first time for me in one and I really had fun with the girls though we were a bit scared being girls alone with a stranger. The food was amazing and we had fun chit chatting for what might be the last time. I hope we stay in touch!

My graduation dress:

So yeah I'm part of the graduating class of 2010!! :D