Saturday, May 29, 2010

Adjusting to Changes

I sit and watch from far away and see the signs of happiness curved on their faces. Whispers, laughs and endless talks. Rubbing it on my face, showing me what I'm missing. But I wont say a word, I don't regret my decisions. All I can do is sit and watch a close friend walk away slowly and painfully. Will the day come when I wont even get a fake smile from you, dear friend? If that day comes, I still wont say anything, because I'm always wrong. I used to speak freely with you, just speak my mind. It was like talking to my reflection but not anymore. I think twice if not more before I even say "Hi". I'm always scared to say the wrong thing, something that will send you off running not just walking away. I'm not ready to lose a friend but thats exactly what is happening. I just hope I'll be remembered, I know I'll stay somewhere in your heart but I'll get covered up with all the new friends till it seems like I never existed.