Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Big Chunk of Updates

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

Where next? NO IDEA!!!!

After 14 years of school, I finally reached its end. On the 20th of this month, I finished my last exam. With the end of it, I marked the end of not only my school life but also the end of the damned IB. I wont say I regret choosing the hard path and doing it but really its nerve wrecking. I just hope it'll do me good in university and it wasn't a bunch of crap that lecture they gave us at the beginning of it about how it'll help us in university.

I never thought I'll get to the point where I'll accept the school I'm graduating from. I moved to it 2 years ago from a school I've been in for 12 years. The thought of not graduating with the people I grew  up with is hunting me, but its a decision I made and I should accept it already. Thanks to a few friends I started accepting the school a few weeks before our last day. When it finally hit me, I started regreting the days I wasted complaining about the people and the place. As hard as it for me to admit it but I really am proud to be graduating from one of the best schools in Oman if not the best. 

Through those 2 years in school I made a few friends that I'm sure will keep in contact with no matter what happens. I had an impression about the students in the school before I entered but I was proved wrong by most. Although I felt like an outsider almost all of the time, I found people who had similar thoughts and ideas. People I enjoyed talking and spending time with. Although they are not a lot, the friends I made are those who made a big difference in this new experience I decided to take. The things I went through in these two years helped me shape my personality and know how to deal with things. I did a lot of mistakes, I hurt people that meant a lot to me and I hope they will forgive me for whatever I said and did. 

*Right now, Prom on my mind*:
Two days till our prom. I never thought I'll be going to a prom and never thought my parents will allow me to go to one. My dress is at the tailor, needs a bit of fixing. Going for a bright color, something I like a lot..  colorful funky dresses. Will post photos soon with everything related to it. I'm hoping I can go and quickly buy what I'm missing which is most of the things (heels, make up..etc).

*Next thing on my mind, GRADUATION*:
In exactly 8 days, I'll be graduating with a golden robe. I'll FINALLY graduate. Get done with the school life meet the new beginnings waiting for me. I already have my graduation dress but missing the little things to make me look perfect for the day. I just want to graduate and have fun on that day, not much to ask for!!

*Change is.. good?*:
Something is going on with me. Something is really changing in me. I've been attracted to fashion in a weird way, it never happened before. Its like lately, all I think about is FASHION! I enjoy going through fashion blogs, check out latest fashion news and to top that I've been confident enough to choose the things I want when I'm out shopping with my sister. I was always the girl that depended on her sister to buy her clothes since we share the same size it didn't matter to me. I would wear whatever she buys. Lets see how fashion and I will get along :D


Other than that.. I'm failing to meet expectations. I've always wanted to study medicine and yesterday the 5th university rejected me. I'm starting to believe that I'm getting the signs that I should go for something other than medicine but no one seems to agree with me. I still have the option of doing Genetics but I'm not really excited about it. I really don't want to end up studying something I don't like. Hoping for some miracle to happen