Thursday, May 06, 2010

What am I supposed to do?

One of the worst things that I happen to go through a lot is standing in front of an emotionally hurt person yet not being able to lift their head up tell them everything will be alright and maybe hug them too. You are not able to tell them everything will be alright because you yourself don’t believe it’ll get any better. Sometimes you think a hug or staying with a person and listening to them complain will make them feel better but really the other person wants something in return. Something to make them feel better, maybe answers to the many questions racing through their minds. Yet you sit there like a statue not knowing what to do. You feel useless not being able to make the person smile or for a second forget what they are going through.

One day you’re close to them. You talk, laugh, joke around go crazy and other days that person is just like a stranger. The person distances him/herself from you, I think we call that ignoring.  During these days, you wonder what the hell you did this time. Did you say something?  Do something? And then you get an idea of why that person is ignoring. You couldn’t help them! Now they are looking for someone else who might be able to give them answers to their questions. Something you couldn’t do. Yes they are ignoring you because you didn’t say anything OR do anything to make them smile.

So you start this thing. You try making people feel better; make them smile only to cover over that gap you have. You know the one caused by not being able to make that one person feel better.