Sunday, March 12, 2017

Dear 26

Dear 26,

Remember that if you ever wanted something to happen you have to work hard in order to achieve it. Some things will come easier than others, it's just how things work in this universe. It might feel like some kind of choreography, that familiar dance move; two step forward one step backwards. Keep dancing, even though you're as rigid as a corpse on rigor mortis. And when things go really slow, slower than you ever thought, keep going. Follow whatever sound that's telling you not to stop.

With every passing day I feel more distant. I no longer have my thoughts, feelings and my physical body aligned. I feel out of place, separated, not whole. I've realised that I, at 24, am not living my life as I'd like to. I've realised I'm very hesitant, always scared I'll make a mistake or god forbids fail in something that's important to me. I find myself more often than not stuck in the same place, walking two steps forward and one step backwards.

Whenever I get out of this slump I'll make sure I write about it. But for now, don't stop writing.