Monday, October 31, 2016

cancer, you suck!

Dear cancer,

Notice that I’ve called you “cancer” with a small c because I don’t think you deserve the tiniest bit of respect associated with starting a name with a capital letter.

I honestly tried to understand you, maybe given you what they call “benefit of the doubt” a couple of times. But really, you don’t deserve any of that. You’ve been getting a lot of attention recently, from the press, from medics and researchers, from everyone. And the more attention they give you the stronger you seem to get. You’re not shy of the bad attention. You don’t have the tiniest bit of self-respect to slow down a little bit, to let the hate die down a bit.

You still haven’t attacked my closest people. But I’ve seen you attack over and over again people I know, families of people I care about and I keep praying, everyday, that you don’t find a way to get to those I love, or anyone for that matter.

It’s enough already, die out!

You’re selfish, more than anyone I have ever seen. And over that, you’re greedy. Why can’t you just sit in one place, why do you have to spread? Isn’t it enough the damage you make in one place? Do you have to go on ruining a person’s health beyond repair? And what’s up with going and coming back? Why can’t you just leave for good? Why do you have to keep people on edge, anticipating your return in misery, and pop up when least expected?

And don't get me started when you take away a person's life. Murderer! 

What I’m trying to say is you’re not welcome. Have some dignity. Pack your things and just leave. Find another host to live on, not our loved ones.

Actually, take one for the universe and just leave.

With so much hate,