Saturday, April 30, 2016

Documenting My Life | April

I was excited for April yet the day it started I wanted it to end. I had a really bad feeling, wherever feelings reside, that it's going to be a bad month. I found myself always on edge ready to receive any bad news to somehow ease my mind. April is over and I'm glad nothing bad happened.

Life is all about trying new things, and although I wasn't really fully myself this month, I tried a few new things. I went to my first Holi Festival and I enjoyed spreading colours all over. I loved seeing my clothes turn from white to a mix of bright colours. It was a nice way to get ready for the hopefully colourful Spring. The Indians surely know how to celebrate.

Mowgli was one of my favourite cartoon characters as a child. I had family members calling me after him because of my haircut and constant movement. I managed to watch The Jungle Book this month and with it came a rush of memories of a childhood I greatly miss. I've got the bear necessities the simple bear necessities!

I have a theory about why we feel happier and lighter at airports. I believe that our worries tag along, linking past and present worries and sometimes even future ones. And as they link, they form a chain that eventually takes off with the next scheduled flight. And once your link of worries is hundreds of kilometres above ground, they get stuck to a cloud and angels cut them and make swings out of them. Swings that takes them to heaven.

I'm writing this post from Bertinoro, Italy. A little town at the top of a hill with mesmerising views. The town is made up of every shade of green, cobbled streets and brick walls. The perfect place for a retirement plan or to go and die. I'm here for a Genetic Counselling course and I must say I'm surprised I haven't given up on the field yet despite the constant failing to get into the masters program. Yet I'm aware that the past year has shaped me to a form I never knew I could be. Change is good yet I miss my comfort zone. I still have to visit 4 new countries before I turn 25. I need to live.

And as I sit trying to allow my eyes to adjust to the shades of green, I'll think about a greener future. I'll get myself ready for a new month with less worries. May it be easy.