Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I always thought I have strong faith in God but I never had to test it. Until recently. For so long I've had things happening the easy way. I say things happened easy even though while things did go out of plan I thought it was the end of my world, end of my life. I can be very dramatic sometimes. I still remember not getting accepted into Med school, how I thought life is not fair. Today, I thank God I didn't get into it because I would probably haven't survived. Things fall into perspective when they don't go as planned. You get to slightly understand yourself better and the people around you. 

I've realised I'm very predictable with bad news; I stop for a while hoping the news is not being delivered to me. Then comes rage, reminds of bulls and that zodiac sign I fall under. Followed by a stream of tears that are usually stopped and dried by my pillow when I fall asleep. Then comes the reminder of God's presence, prayer time. I thought I have strong faith in God. I thought that I didn't need a reminder of His presence because He's in me, within me and around me. You'd think He will come first; before the shock, before the rage, before the crying.

Today I work harder than ever on my faith.