Tuesday, December 02, 2014

The Path I Lead

As far as my eyesight could show me, on the right is a huge plot of land. There is a path, beautifully paved in the middle. There are flowers growing on both sides; peonies, tulips and I think I could smell jasmines. Behind the little fence of flowers is greenery like you’ve never seen before. That perfect shade of green, not too bright and not dull. The sun is shining and the clouds, I could imagine, are shaped like arrows pointing towards the end of the path which I can’t see. Birds come chirping above my head and flying towards the the same direction, as if they’re trying to tell me to follow. I stand on my tiptoes trying to get a glimpse of what lies ahead, but I can’t. I can’t see where the path leads to and I’m not a fan of surprises. I stand there contemplating whether I want to follow the clouds and the birds. 

As far as my eyesight could show me, on the left is a plot of land. Not paved, no flowers and no greenery. A few meters ahead, I could see an arch and behind it walls, so high and dusty. I step aside to look through the arch. I could see tight allies, rusty doors and broken windows. The place seems abandoned, and for all I know, haunted as well. I take a few steps forward. It smells funny in here, is it a dead rat or mould? Maybe both? I take a few steps more. I don’t think it’s an appropriate time, but I pull out my phone and take a few pictures. Photogenic, I could take pictures of this place all day. Where is this place taking me? I said I hate surprises. I continue to walk through. I see stairs and look up, it’s a very high tower. I run up the stairs, two at a time. 2, 4, 6, 8…120, 122, 124, 126. I’m tired. I deserve a break. 5 minutes later, 128, 130… 300. I’m up. I could see further than I thought I could. I look around as far as my eyesight could show me.


I’m confused.

Both paths meet.

I took the harder one.