Thursday, October 16, 2014

I Refuse To Be Insulted!

The greatest insult to me, one that I can never forgive or forget, is choosing/judging me based on how pretty I am, who my parents are and my grandfather. It's beyond insulting to forget who I am as a person and just focusing on things related to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of my mother, father and grandfather. They deserve your and my respect for the things they have done. They made a name for themselves with actions rather than words. But their story is not my story, unless you're praising the way they raised me. And my face? I haven't chosen it.

I am a well educated girl, a sum of the things I have learned and reports I have collected. I have a BSc in Genetics and an IB diploma. I completed the IGCSE. I have every report since KG and every certificate for every extracurricular activity I have done. My looks, parents and grandfather didn't do it for me.

I am the sum of the experiences I've been through, whether it was a success or a fail. I volunteered in Oman and abroad. I joined a 6 week volunteering internship in Norway that I am really proud of. I got a first place award in shooting. I was a student representative, a peer mentor and a student ambassador. I helped plan events. I travelled to a few countries and visited a lot of museums. I studied abroad, lived alone for 4 years.

I am the sum of the books I have read, the books I collected over the years. I am in the award I got for borrowing and reading the most number of books in elementary. I am the sum of the things I wrote and the things I have attempted to write.

I am the little child in me that loves disney and fairy tales. I am a believer of unicorns and a dreamer of a utopic lala land. I am the lover of colours, glitter and shiny things.

I am me, I have my own story to tell, so please don't insult me!