Saturday, January 05, 2013

What's inside my bag?

During my last night in Germany I decided to take pictures of the things inside my bag. As I mentioned before in one of the inside my bag posts, I'm such a curious person and I love to know whats inside people's bags. So lets see whats inside my bag :D

This is the bag I have been using since mid November. Its a Le Pliage LongChamp bag and I think its the best thing I got in 2012 after my iPhone. The bag is waterproof and durable. Holds my books, laptop and a bunch of other useless things. I'm thinking of getting myself one of the bigger sizes to use as a carry on when traveling.

This is a picture of my bag's contents emptied. I must say not that bad, it could be worse. Lets take a closer look to whats there...

 Lets start with the gadgets. I have my 2 phones usually in there my blackberry torch (the one that got stolen today) and my iPhone which I was using to take the pictures with. My iPod, I don't have any music in my iPhone. Oh and Mr Flash Disk, carry it around everywhere you never know when you need it.

 Its winter and my hands get cold. These lovely suede gloves are from H&M, got it back in October I think. Notice the pink stuff? I left gum wraps in my handbag and perfume spilled on it and the colour transferred everywhere :\ I need to find a place that cleans suede gloves as these are not machine washable :\

 2 notebooks, my passport and glasses. I learned carrying my glasses around the hard way. I tend to ruin my lenses when applying mascara and not notice it until I leave my flat, and then everything becomes blurry and irritating :\ Its not a good idea to carry my passport everywhere but its kind of annoying here in the UK as they dont consider our ID's and license as a valid form of ID. Gets annoying when you reach the till in WH Smith wanting to buy a pair of scissors or spray glue and you have to show ID for it

My wallet and coin purse. Bought the lovely Burberry wallet during my first year in the UK and haven't thought of changing it ever since. I'm not a big fan of the burberry print so I went for a plain one. The little patterned thing is a reusable bag, being good to the environment.

Railcard, mailbox key, Harrod's card, my flat's key and the box my German Lebara sim card came in (don't know why I was carrying that around :S)

 Vaseline 2in1 hand cream and sanitizer, Soap&Glory hand sanitizer, Advil, lip smacker, mini Burberry Body perfume, nail file and one of those bags you put your liquids in, in airports.

 Capri-Sonne (I prefer the orange flavoured one) and lots of tissues for when my nose pretends to be a tap.

Random much? An old orange sim card and a 50bz coin

This was inside my fortune cookie after having a meal at a Chinese restaurant with my sister. Creepy much?