Saturday, December 22, 2012

Live & Let Live

With Christmas being just around the corner I have heard enough "why do Arabs celebrate Christmas or sell Christmas decorations" for me to want to kill the next person who says it!

I was brought up in a way to tolerate all religions and treat everyone in a nice and respectable way no matter what. This really helped me to live around people who might think I follow a religion they don't accept. As a Muslim student studying in the UK I understand how much it really SUCKS to celebrate Eid away from my family and I try as much as possible to make use of the places and people around me to celebrate Eid as normal as possible. My non-Muslim friends wish me a happy eid and in return I wish them a merry Christmas

I personally have no problem with Arab countries selling Christmas decorations and I believe decorations being sold doesn't mean us as Muslims are celebrating Christmas. It means that we respect other religions and give them their right to celebrate their religious holidays

Live and let live!