Friday, April 27, 2012

New Laptop, New Start

Lately I've been thinking about the perfect job and the successful person I want to be. I find it a bit bizarre since I have 2 years ahead of me before I graduate but I'm a planner, I plan things. I always had this idea of a successful lady that works in an office with a glass office table and a MacBook Pro. In her office, she would have a clothes rack in a corner that has an extra Abaya and a few outfits. She would wear a Abaya that makes her stand out, carry a bag that fits all her essentials (phone, agenda and so on) and drive a Mercedes. She would be a busy, social person that is known but not famous. And after 8 hours of work she would relax without a worry in her mind.

Ever since December 2008, I've been using a black MacBook. I still love it but it happens that the screen died and fixing it is not really worth the price. I got myself a MacBook Pro today, could this be a start of making myself that successful person?