Thursday, November 10, 2011

H for Heat

Winter has definitely started whether we're willing to admit it or not. The clock is back an hour, it gets dark before you even realize you're awake, its gloomy and cold. Christmas lights are on which means the holidays are close by. Maybe its time to write a letter to Santa :P 
Although I sound like I hate winter, its not that bad once it snows coz then I feel like I'm inside the magical world of snow globes and someone is shaking it. 

For the letter H I decided to go for an abstract picture this time. Incase you didn't figure it out, thats my heater. Its just a quick snap and a bit of editing but I'm happy with it. I feel creative for getting this idea and not going for something expected, I didn't want to go for things like "happy" or "help" since its usually what first comes in mind.

Happy winter : )