Monday, September 26, 2011

21st Century Kids

I came across an interesting article today by Mail Online (an iPad app that has been one of the most used since I got mine). You can find the article here

For those of you who are not bothered to read the article it basically talks about how parents are mad about stores like Accessorize and Next selling high heels for little kids as they are "sexualizing" kids that way. It also mentions how kids are supposed to act their age and not grow up too soon and things like that.

I'm not sure how I feel about little girls as young as 3 year olds in heels just like how I'm not really sure how I feel about kids beauty pageants. In a way I don't mind them, its just similar to little girls playing with make up but in the same time I hate it when kids don't act their age. I don't mind kids dressing up once in a while. Something THEY choose to wear and NOT forced to wear by their parents. I noticed how some parents in Beauty Pageants take it way too seriously. I can't find the article but I read once about a mother who actually made her daughter wear a padded underwear and bra to give the elusion of that perfect body :\

I love to see kids well dressed and I love it more if I found out that they have chosen the clothes themselves and not their parents telling them what to wear. I have 6 year old cousin that I really love how she dresses. Its true that her mom buys her clothes for her but the kid actually takes the time to match her clothes and chooses what to do with her hair.

I've been looking at pictures of celebrities' kids and I can't help but find Suri Cruise to be absolutely ADORABLE!

Yeah, I still don't know how I feel about this.
What about you? With or against?