Thursday, August 04, 2011

My first experience with...

... Accidents.

Yes, last night my brother ditched me to go with our cousin. Before leaving the car he reminded more than once to "drive safely". 5 minutes after that I was in a simple little car accident. Its not even a big deal a guy touched my car from the back and it was my mistake. Changed to the inner lane while turning. So anyways I called my brother to come back for me and they talked to the guy and everything. I was too scared to drive back home so I went to my cousins' place and slept over. I'm still scared and not planning to drive again anytime soon although as I mentioned it wasn't that big, our cars literally just touched, but I can be a scaredy cat xD

From this experience I must say I now know the different types of friends:

When in need there are 4 types of friends:

  1. Those you don't bother telling
  2. Those you tell and just say "omg salamat"
  3. Those you tell and they talk to you until you calm down
  4. And finally those who reply with "where are you? Ajeesh (should I come)?"

Drive safely all
oh and Ramadhan Kareem x