Saturday, March 27, 2010

Please Don't Stop The Music ♫


The amazing thing about music is that you could always find a song that matches your feelings. There is always something out there that would make you feel better. You create this bond between your thoughts and what you listen to. Music never failed to make me feel better and if it did then blame it on me for not finding the perfect song that matches my mood.

My iTunes playlist has a mix of songs from most genres. You’ll be surprised to know that I have songs by bands and genres I hate. I am the type of person who would listen to absolutely anything even it was a foreign language I don’t understand. I have a mix of Arabic songs, English, Indian, Italian, Spanish, French even Persian. I would listen to them even if they don’t make sense. I just enjoy the rhythm and vocals. I absolutely HATE heavy metal yet I still have a few songs. I need them when I’m REALLY annoyed/mad and no one is helping. I learned to accept all types of music whether they’re my type or not.

I’m lucky enough that my sister and I share the same type of music. Whatever is in my list would be in hers, too. When I discover new songs in her iPod I write them down and download them. We are in continuous exchange of songs whenever we come across something new. We are both the type that listen to parts of songs and not the whole thing. It drives us mad when we are forced to listen to the whole thing. However, once in a while we would be addicted to a song and we will keep listening to the whole song and maybe even put it on loop. Very messed up but we don’t care.

P.S: Music saves my soul <3