Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friends Forever xx

Do you know the feeling of going to a place just to spend time with that friend that will make everything easier? A person that would make you feel better with just a blink. Well, me being in a new school (I'll always consider myself in the "new school" even though its my second year here), I look forward to spend time with those girls I call my friends. But there is this one girl thats not like the rest. She's the type that understands me better than I understand myself. She's always there with her friendly wise advices. She has everything you want in a friend. I never thought I'll be able to be that close with someone I met in a year but she surprised me by being someone I wish I knew a long time ago. Although we have a little in common and disagree on a lot of things we still enjoy discussing things even if we know it'll end up in a bad way. Definitely a friend I will stay in contact with even if she moved to the moon. I'll call her and complain just like I complain to her all the time. We'll go out and have ice cream, sushi and apple pies. I'll listen to her music even if most of  them are not my style. I'll tease her, be there for her and make sure she updates me with everything. I might not be as close to her as her besties but I sure wish I stamp her heart with my signature.

You deserve much more than these words xxx