Friday, March 27, 2015

Dear 26

Dear 26,

By now I hoped we would have established a strong friendship. I thought you will take the time to warn me about what was going to happen since my last letter. I wasn't sure how you would tell me, but I some how thought you will be creative enough to show up in a dream or might appear in the form of an omen. Since my last letter, it rained bad news and I had no umbrella to protect me from the acidic feeling it brought with it. The news left a burning feeling on my skin and mind, I'm surprised there are no blisters. 

I try not to blame you a lot for not warning me, I'm sure you're busy living the settled life I associate with you. I just hope, in one of your perfect days, you'd find the time to sit in a coffee shop or in your home office and write a letter to me telling me the things I shouldn't worry about. Notes to your loving 22 year old self.

I still believe in you,