Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Beats&Bevs till 190

Q: What is more annoying that writing up a whole post and then closing the app by mistake?
A: The post not being saved as a draft!

A lot has happened since my last update. My sister and I finished packing and moving all my things to the new apartment. We also handed in my old apartment and spent some time messing the place up to make my life harder when we I go back to Leeds in September. After the move, my sister and I packed our luggage and headed to Cardiff for 2 days. A friend ours showed us around, we went to Cardiff Bay, the castle, the main university building and around the city centre. After our short stay, we went to london for 3 days and spent them eating and reading like there is nothing better to do. After the 3rd day I headed to the airport to come back to oman. Luckily my flight was semi-empty and I helped myself to 2 empty seats and got comfortable to sleep. I didn't sleep. I hated myself. I watched 2 movies though (Side Effect and I can't remember the other one).

Since arriving in Oman, I spent a lot of time with my family and I have started my training at one of the hospitals in the capital. Been seeing a lot of cases that I haven't studied about making it a bit more interesting. Waking up at 7, 5 times a week, is a pain though.

A family friend came to Oman with her daughter for a visit and it was lovely meeting them. Sometimes meeting new people makes things a little bit more interesting.