Sunday, February 03, 2013

10 Favourite Apple Apps

I'm one of those people who uses almost every Apple gadget out there. I'm brainwashed and loving it! You can go on and on about how they're not the best out there, but you know what, I like them and thats all that matters. So I decided to share some of my favourite apps.

1) Official Twitter App:
I have once been called a "twitter whore" by one of my friends because I just can't stop tweeting. I tweet about anything and everything and it can get annoying sometimes. I share stuff that you might not care about but some that you would. I have never thought about using any twitter app other than the official one. I think its perfect. You can follow me @maria_alhinai

2) Instagram:
I love taking random photos and I love using my iPhone camera. Its easy and fun. When I'm bored I tend to go through my instagram pictures and remember things and be happy! you can follow me at maria_alhinai too :D

3) Camera+:
As I said I love taking photos with my iPhone and I also love editting them. Sometimes I'd want something more than the filters found in Instagram and so I tend to use Camera+. Now, I have a lot of editting apps but by the far this is my favourite. It does almost everything I need!

4) Starbucks:
Some people think Starbucks' coffee is just bad and shouldn't be called coffee. I on the other hand LOVE it. I prefer their coffee over Costa and Nero. I tend to buy a lot of my hot drinks from there and I got myself a Starbucks' card back in 2010. Basically, now, I don't use money to pay for my Starbucks drinks. I just use the app! It has a bar code that gets scanned in store and I top up my account whenever its low in money. Every time you buy a hot drink you get a star and after collecting 15 of them you get a free drink :D

5) Lumosity:
I've recently been looking at the featured apps on the App Store and came across this. Lumosity is one of those apps that trains your brain to work better by quizes and games. I think it does work, you can see your scores improving every time you go through the games. I try to play at least 3 times a week. MUST try it!

6) AppGratis:
There isn't much to say about this app other than what it does. Every day, you get deals on apps that you'd usually pay for. Some are free and others discounted. It helps suggest new apps for me, something that I like

7) UniLeeds:
I study at the University of Leeds and this app just recently came out. VERY helpful. I use it to know where my lectures are, timings, check empty clusters, library opening times and much more!

8) Mobile Learn:
Another app I use a lot. I can go through the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) where all my modules are listed and the learning resources for them.

9) The Economist:
I have recently gotten myself The Economist subscription as it was on a deal for just £1 for 12 weeks!!!!! I tend to read articles between lectures or when I'm having coffee and dont have the actual magazine. I'm just wasting paper, I should change my subscription to an e-magazine!

10) Flipboard:
This is a perfect app to read while having breakfast. I follow several different categories and its a nice way to get all the news and be up to date in one app!

What are your favourite apps? Anything I should check out?