Monday, January 21, 2013

Beats&Bevs #21

Started the new semester with a snowy day. A lot of snow I must say! I thought my day will end at 5pm but seems like hell won't really start until next week.

I went with my friend to TGI Fridays and there weren't any cabs to take us back to our flats. We called 3 companies and no luck thanks to the snow. We had to walk back and now my throat hurts and I sound like a robot!

I got myself some melt chocolate from Selfridges while I was in London. You can either eat the block of chocolate or use it for a cup of hot chocolate (you stir it into hot/warm milk until it melts). Nothing fancy about its taste, to me it tastes like Cadbury.. But I love the idea. Good for a gift to a friend who loves chocolate